Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The World is indeed flat

Well it seems to be if this is to be taken seriously. It is one of those EU Humpty Dumpty moments, words meaning what they want them to mean.

So the sight of Mr Tajani saying,
"we have already made savings"
When discussing Galileo is laughable in the extreme.
The 'grand project' that is the EU's satellite dream was originally slated to cost €2.6 billion back in 2000 is now costing at the best figure from the Commission €3.4 billion. Which is a massive saving in anybody's book, surely.

How they have lost their demand for the extra 22 billion I have no idea. And to suggest that it will somehow create 60 billion is pure hogwash.
Galileo is expected to deliver 60 billion euros to the European economy over 20 years, the European Commission has said, as well as removing the cost of relying on other systems.
Given that GPS is free to use.

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