Tuesday, May 10, 2011

That flag ceremony

The guns, the German Eagle, the fact the flag gets stuck twice and the marching out of step. If it weren't so serious it would be comical.

It is as if Ealing studios had scripted the event.


Anonymous said...

Next time......
Black uniforms and jackboots.

Hereward said...

Compare that clumsy ritual with the effortless pageantry of the Royal Wedding. It's like seeing a little girl trying on mummy's clothes and makeup and ending up looking quite riduculous.

I was a little diappointed to see one of the Union Flags in the crowd being flown upside down, though.

i albion said...

What a farce! frightening though.
Ve haf Vays etc.

Anonymous said...

If you ever want UKIP to be taken seriously, you really have to stop that idiotic WW2 meme.

God knows there are plenty of reasons to get the EU back to its origins of freely trading nations, there is no need to hark back to something you personally had no part in, and which frankly makes you look childish.

Anonymous said...

Does no one in Brussels know which way up to fly the Union flag? The UK flag is not symmetrical.

My fellow anon (5.38pm) - the EU was never a group of freely trading nations. It was always a customs union, never a free-trade area.

Gawain Towler said...


It is not UKIP that have a militaristic flag raising ceremony, paid out of our taxes. It is not UKIP that provide the obvious spoof that the German and French troops show that they cannot march in step. It is not UKIP that proudly display the German Eagle whilst raising their flag above all the national flags.

It is not UKIP that descrobe the EU as a 'something of an Empire', that was Barosso.

Whilst I have no fear of the nations of Europe, it is not me that always claims as the first achievement of the EU is to have stopped war in Europe. What war are they referring to?

I agree with you that claims that the EU is something of a latent Nazi Empire (or the EUSSR for that matter) is not helpful for the Eurorealist cause, the folk memory across the continent is still strong.