Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Robert Geobbels: The perfect Euro Parliamentarian

The unfortunately named Mr Goebbels (the socialist former finance minister of Luxembourg) has stuck his oar into an online debate in the Parliament about where the Parliament should sit. Brussles or Strasbourg or both. This is how he prefaces his remarks..
Je pense que le premier devoir d'un législateur est de respecter les traités.
Or in my translation,
"The first dutry of a legislator is to respect the Treaties"
Which is not my view at all. To me the first duty of a legislator is to represent the views of his or her constituents. But there again, this is the European parliament.

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CJWilly said...

His statement was a non-statement. For an MEP to say his first duty is to the treaties - eg to the EU's basic law - is as unremarkable as a US President saying he will defend the Constitution (his first duty).