Friday, April 08, 2011

Oh My Freaking Cripes. Sometimes I hang my head in horror

What is this?

No wiser, how about this?

No really, we need Europe to stop us singing all alone, with the wrong words and out of tune.

Somebody wake me up when the adults have come back. How much is this extravaganza costing us?

You can even vote for your favourite Kareoke track.

Guys, Guys, there is a financial crisis that is swamping your precious political experiment and you want us to vote on our favourite Kareoke tracks?

For Pete's sake, get serious.


Goodnight Vienna said...

Ah, but we must all sing of our joy at unity through diversity - otherwise we'll be put on the domestic terrorist watch-list.

Anonymous said...

What is this? the so-called parliarment's version of Eurovision?

Nice to see they have their priorites in order.