Friday, April 08, 2011

BNP fat cats sipping the cream

Though there are stories that Andrew Brons and Nick Griffin are finding it difficult seeing eye to eye on many things, there is one thing where they agree. And they agree with Labour and many of the Lib Dems as well.

And that is that MEPs should be able to fly on taxpayer funded Business Class flights on short haul (under 4hrs) flights in Europe.

This is the amendment that they failed to oppose (unlike UKIP and the Tories).

"Calls on the Bureau to amend its rules relating to travel expenses (item 1004) included in its own decision PE 422.536/BUR, in order to establish the purchase of tickets in economy class for flights of less than 4 hours as a rule; considers that this new way of applying the Members' Statute should permit exceptions, taking into account the age of individual MEPs and their state of health; calls for this rule also to be applicable for Parliament staff;"
And here they are on the voting list (Amendment 3 Fernandes Report)

Those voting against were the Lib Dems.
Andrew Duff, Bill Newton Dunn,
I am sure there are lamposts in the Eastern Region and the East Midlands for those two.

Those abstaining (and how you can abstain on this I am not sure, but there you have it.)
Abstain: Edward McMillan-Scott, Graham Watson,

Abstain: Labour : Mary Honeyball, Richard Howitt, Stephen Hughes, David Martin, Linda McAvan, Arlene McCarthy, Claude Moraes, Brian Simpson, Peter Skinner, Catherine Stihler, DerickVaughan, Glenys Willmott,

Abstain : BNP: Andrew Brons, Nick Griffin
There you have it. The BNP vote with the old elite and refuse to repuduiate luxury flights.

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