Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Tory Scream of impotence

Nick de Bois the Tory Member for Enfield is having a fits of the vapours over on Conservative Home.
We must show the British people that we are not resigned to accepting ludicrous decisions imposed by European institutions
He says, Quite so Mr de Bois, Quite so.

So what do you propose to do about it...?

Drum roll...

Silence. Crisp packets blow through the canyons of his mind. Nothing. Zip Nada.
One of the things that felt the most wrong about the thirteen years of Labour government was the feeling of helplessness: the sense that things were marching inexorably onwards and there was nothing that you could do about it.

He says, he lists all those dreadful things, and finishes like this,
And that’s what this is all about. It’s not about an oppressive European superstate, or even about unelected judges. It’s about showing the British people that when it really matters we can change things, we are not resigned to our fate, supine and helpless but that we can take charge and put a stop to things that are just plain wrong.

Yes yes yes, Nick absolutely, and what are your proposals to do this? What is your government going to do?
Oh right I know. What happened last night? What arguement did your Government marshalled against the Labour proposal to drop the VAT rise on fuel ...

Oh yes the EU wouldn't allow it.

Today the Times reports that Cameron has asked for a second opinion on the Temporary Workers Directive because the Attorney General has told him that there is nothing that can be done.

We are 'not resigned' you say. So what shall we do?

How? No idea? Of course you do, you know how, but you cannot countenance it. Give the people that in/out referendum, let them decide if they want all those things you write about.

Otherwise what is the point of these vapourings? What is the point of you?

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Akvavitix said...

Judging by the number of people writing "Then do something about it you prick" I feel we are not alone in thinking this govt is a sham.