Thursday, March 17, 2011

Promoting EU Integration

That is the headline for a single article in this week's European Voice, but really, on reading it, it should be the strapline for the whole newspaper.
As director of Belgium's European Movement office, it is Abram's task to lead her team of four in educating Belgian citizens about how the EU works. No easy task these days, in the face of increased apathy about European integration, but one that the 39-year-old relishes, even after ten years. “It is my dream job,” says Abram with a grin.

The European Voice or European Vice as I used to call it describes itself like this,
the only weekly newspaper with an independent view of the EU.
And furthermore it claims that it is
a high-quality read and staunchly independent in its reporting and opinions. It is not - and never will be - tied in any way to a member state, party or point of view.

Utter balderdash, There was a moment, a few years back when it tried to become a tad more critical, (see the illustrated edition of 2002) but after a few editions I understand that big advertisers were advised by people within the Commission that its free distribution network in the European Commission could be curtailed.

Suitably chastened it has kept it strongly independent pro-European Union views ever since.

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