Monday, March 28, 2011

This slightly worries me: Russia in the Indian ocean

Geo-politics is often about geography.

Therefore this news is a little concerning.
Seychelles and Russia are set to deepen cooperation over security issues
After all I always thought that the idea of Russia having a strong Indian Ocean presence was one of those Palmerstonian 'permanent national interests' things that we were taught about at school.
Areas of for further cooperation focused on specialized training opportunities for Seychellois personnel, Seychelles' participation in Russian-led international security forums, and greater coordination of military assets in the region.
Which I would have thought is an ingtersting development, and not one to welcomed


James said...

If it frightens the EUSSR it might be a welcome development.

banned said...

As you suggest, Russias presence in the Indian Ocean or otherwise was a constant central theme of 19th century diplomacy and power plays and is the root of the problem in todays Afghanistan.

Dunno why they don't just buy The Seychelles and be done with it.