Monday, March 28, 2011

Hubris... Anyone? The EU has conquered sleep...etc

The Comissioner for shooting her mouth off, Viviane Reding today had this to say,
Over the past months, the European Central Bank and the European Commission – the two most supranational institutions of the Union – have fought hand in hand for the stability of the euro. We worked together in the interest of Europe's citizens and future generations. Following last week's European Council, we are now turning the page: we have saved the euro.
Not only that she is so triumphant about last week's meeting in Brussels she is moved to say more,
we have finally moved towards completing our Monetary Union with an Economic Union
Now given that she is the Vice-President of the Commission, I guess she has the authority and expertise to say this.
Her mandate states that she is qualified to talk about,
Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship
And her CV tells us that her extensive knowledge in the operations of the broader economy include her experience in Culture, journalism, Social Affairs, Civil Liberties and IT.

She is obviously better qualified to judge than this lot, or him.


Anonymous said...

And we "finally have peace in our time" too, then see how true that one turned out to be. Pretty concerningwhen they can't get someone more authorized to speak on economic matters to present the statement. Makes me wonder, famous last words and all.

Tufty said...

Is her IT expertise reflected in the previous post, or has she moved on?

Gawain Towler said...

She has moved on