Wednesday, March 23, 2011

They need to be good

The Council of Europe is advertising for a Human Rights spinner. For a salary of nearly €70,000 plus benefits such as heavily subsidised private education  and,
i. expatriation allowance of 18% (staff with family to support) or 14% (single rate) of the monthly rate shown above for unmarried staff;

ii. dependent children's allowance (current rate 305.02 € per child per month) and, where appropriate, an expatriation supplement of 85.39 € per child.
The expatriation allowance is not about removals it seems to be for hurt feelings about having to move to Strasbourg and lasts as long as the job does.

And you will have your work cut out trying to explain to the British press why the CoE and its associated Court the ECHR has taken over the role of arbiter of what is and isn't allowed in the UK, and why the CoE and the ECHR should have the power to overturn the democratioc will of the British people on a huge range of issues.

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