Monday, March 14, 2011

Is this man a conservative?

It's Salvaj Kareer again. This time his problem seems to be that because of security issues in Pakistan, people might be forced to integrate more with the UK or their host country and become British rather than remaining in a half way house.
I am afraid we will now see the coming generations losing touch and becoming distant from Pakistan. This is a loss for both them and Pakistan.
Surely if people have moved here then it is only reasonable that over time they become British rather than be seen and see themselves as Pakistanis who happen to live here.

Now of course the security situation in Pakistan is ghastly, but I would suggest that that is a matter for Pakistan, not for Britain or indeed the EU.

I note that his website describes him as "Putting the North West First". Really?


Quiet_Man said...

I think he means the North West Frontier aka the Khyber Pass ;)

WitteringsfromWitney said...

What QM said!

As you know GT, my view is that immigrants, permanent or temporary, accept our way of life, laws, traditions etc or they get out - voluntarily or otherwise!

Goodnight Vienna said...

I don't think he's talking about Merseyside here. Let's send him back to 'the North-West' :-)

Sue said...

Pakistani's above all other ethnic groups seem to be against integration. They are the section of our communities that produce "no go" mini replicas of their homeland within Britain.

If Pakistan can't sort their own security problems out, why should the EU or the UK pay for it?

Surely that's why Pakistani's have come to the UK? To escape the lawlessness and live in a "democracy" (I say that loosely). I must admit, they seem to have brought some of their ghastly customs with them in the form of their religion, so if they wish to return, I think we should provide free transportation!