Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Excuse me are you worried that you might die...horribly?

Just seen a rather partial press release,
Majority of Europeans ‘Worried by Dangerous Lighters’
Cripes. And it gets worse,
nearly 87 per cent of Europeans are worried by information that pocket lighters with the capacity to kill and maim are openly on sale across the continent
AS one of the 13% who gaily walks along the street, not concerned that anybody I pass could ...BURST INTO A FIREBALL AT ANY SECOND, I find this amazing.

Even more so when this research, commissioned by, natch, Bic, Europe's largest manufacturer of lighters and produced by APCO, their PR firm goes onto suggest that what we really need is a ban on or massively increased import controls on imported lighters. I wonder why they think that?

I have written to the contact at APCO Insight and have asked,
I have read the survey you have produced with Bic on the safety of pocket lights with some interrest. I was wondering if it would be possible to see the actual questions used in your survey as well as the interpretations of those questions that you give in the published research.
As a PR firm, is APCO Insight a member of the Market Research Society or bound by the MRS code of conduct?
I await the answer with interest.


Good for APCO, they have got back to me very quickly.

1) The questions are at the bottom of each page. (Doh - GT)
2) "RE membership in MRS or bound by the code of conduct.  APCO Insight is the research division of APCO Worldwide.  At Insight, we are all research professionals; most of our staff are based in the US.  Insight has membership in two US survey research organizations (CASRO and AAPOR), which have very similar codes of conduct to MRS.  We aren’t currently members of MRS but do abide by their code of conduct."
So I am left with a distinct feeling that this is still very partial research, and secondly the panic headlines are not justified, but fair play to APCO for responding so quickly.

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Xopher said...

87% - Wow!
Qu. Who has a use for a cigarette lighter?
Ans. Smokers of course.
Maybe 25% of Europeans smoke so are the extra 62% of lighter users secret smokers, arsonists or lonely folk waiting for a stranger to ask them for a light?