Monday, March 07, 2011

I feel slightly soiled

Happy I was on Sunday, good conference, great by-election, a wander round some of the most beautiful spots in England, and then I get a mail from a friendly journo. He had recived an email entitled,
‘England Expects’: The Trafalgar Club
For some odd reason he thought it was from me. It wasn't.

It turns out that the Trafalgar Club is a patrons club hosted by Nick Griffen. For £240 per annum members of this exclusive set get to do the most exciting things,
members were treated to a Saturday summer-evening three-course dinner in a marquee. This was followed by a trip around Powis Castle and gardens on the Sunday following.
At Christmas last year, the Trafalgar Club held an intimate Sunday lunch in one of the most exclusive hotels in Chester. This was followed by a spin on the Christmas Big Wheel overlooking the Christmas market!
Oh yes, one of the most exclusive hotels in Chester. Can't wait for the thrills and spills of a big dipper in Bromsgrove.

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