Monday, March 07, 2011

Are all EU leaders mad?

I ask, because Reinfeldt the normally sane Swedish leader has just made a speech that seems positively unhinged in the current climate. He calls for greater mass migration,
The European Union must attract labour from other parts of the world if it is to function in future, according to Sweden's prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. In a policy speech at Europahuset in Stockholm on Monday, Reinfeldt claimed that Sweden has already prepared itself for such a scenario.

"Otherwise, the way forward is inevitable. The EU's member states will need to raise their taxes drastically, with negative effects both for growth and for welfare," said Reinfeldt, who also demanded a more streamlined EU budget.

Remember that Swden has a seriously natalist policy, which doesn't work, because it it is counterproductive. For good measure he continued
The prime minister also argued that countries in the Balkans, as well as Turkey and Iceland, should be welcomed as full EU members as soon as they fulfil the conditions.

"I am convinced that it will be barely possible to conceive of the EU as a strong global player without Turkey as a member," he said.
Go on Mr Reinfeldt, make that your key election promise and see where it gets you. He also makes this claim,
Earlier he said that the sixteen years Sweden has been a member of the EU has influenced not only legislation in Sweden but also the country's mindset and that membership is now more or less taken for granted.
I wouldn't be too sure Frederick

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