Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Government admits to sponsoring Bill and Ben

Viscount Thurso has had to admit that the Houses of Parliament is addicted to green fingers, according to Will Green,
Expenditure on flowers and plants in the House of Commons in 2010-11 is expected to be £116,391 and estimated expenditure in 2011-12 is expected to be some £87,400. All areas of expenditure are being scrutinised following the Commission's decision to save at least 17% of the cost of the House's administration by 2014-15.

The thing is, I cannot get myself worked up into an outrage about this. The Palace of Westminster is the seat of our Government. So yes it should be careful about its expenditure, and a slimming down is required of course, but, like the Government Art Collection, the sight of flowers in the Palace is, I believe, probably a good thing. Are we to be so austere that we become joyless puritan ghastlies?
It is a fine balancing act, granted. But surely it is reasonable that the palace should look nice? Or must we whitewash the walls and don hair shirts in the face of austerity. I ask, because at some point austerity will be over, and then will we be able to smile?


Anonymous said...

Judging from the latest push against fags and booze,yes the house is becomming puritanical and indeed, ghastly.

Dick Puddlecote said...

"we become joyless puritan ghastlies?"

Well, it's what they're always telling us we should be.