Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Farage: The EU's "Kamikaze economics"

Nigel Farage yesterday described plans to set up a Robin Hood Tax unilaterally at an EU level, as  Kamikaze Economics.

His defence of the city has even resulted in Harry's Place, no friend of UKIP's or Mr Farage's for that matter to write approvingly,
If the EU goes it alone and implements an FTT, then one has to concur with UKIP leader Nigel Farage who said that it would be “kamikaze economics.”
As Michael Ezra goes on to say,
London is one of the world’s most important financial centres. Other cities would love the chance to replace it as the most important financial hub in the European time zone. In the event that the European Parliament vote to support an FTT and the UK implements such a taxation, traders in Geneva, Zurich or other non EU cities will dance the hokey-kokey or an equivalent celebratory dance. London would be finished and another city would take our crown.
It is no surprise that Farage's comment's are being picked up by newsites such as International Business Times, and Forex Cycle. UKIP at least is standing up for the city.

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