Thursday, March 10, 2011

European Parliament recognizes rebel Libyan National Council.

Or at least that is what Marjory van den Broeke., head of Press UNit at the European Parliament tweeted this afternoon.

Eh? Thought I. When did the European parliament abrogate to itself the right or the power or indeed the authority to do any such thing?

So I tweeted back asking precisely that. She reposonded thusly,
@ If u like u can say: 'calls on hr/vp Ashton to recognize' but that is same: I think people know a parliament isnt a government
No, that isn't the same, not at all. The first tweet is vainglorious, and badly wrong. It is symptom of the gtrowing arrogance of the Strasbourg Assembly, and a sign of where things are going.

Or as I thought.
Who the hell do you think you are? Get back into your box.

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banned said...

Euro governance by Tweet? I don't remember voting for that.