Thursday, March 24, 2011

At least they have a House for it

Carl Bildt has warned that,
Europe risks becoming a "museum" and "irrelevant".
Which is rather charming as the Telegraph reports today on the old story of the House of European History, where no doubt the European Union could comfotrably ensconce itself.

I have to say I colour myself surprised that the Telegraph have run this story now, three weeks after the Express with nothing different in the take other than the quoted member is a Belgian colleague of the Tories rather than UKIP, as we picked up the story back in 2009 via Bruno himself.

Worse still is that he allows the European Parliament to get away with a low figure for the annual costs, as since the Express story ran on the 6th March more figures have come to light, as I reported last week,
The £53.2 million start up cost of the museum and £6.3 million in estimated annual costs, not including staffing, have led the parliament's budget committee to complain "there is still no overview of the global cost of the project available".
There is an overview, they have admitted that the costs will be 13.45 Million Euros (about £11.75 million pounds per annum).

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