Thursday, February 17, 2011

The idiocy of 'Justice'

Roger Smith, director of legal campaign group Justice has popped up to talk about the case of the crook being placarded down the street and smacked his head straight into Godwin's law.
"The photographs of this man wearing the placard bought to mind some unpleasant images - of people in Iran and China and, much as I dislike saying it, of Jews in Nazi Germany."
Now come on Rodger. The difference is that you are talking about the actions of a state. Whereas the case was about an individual who acted as an, understandably, pissed off citizen.

The collapse of shame as a tool in ensuring a civil society has been almost complete, and yet it is, and should be part of how a society, yes a big society that acts as individuals not just requiring the actions of the state to enforce its norms.

Justice does no favours to its cause of defending civil liberties when it attacks the individual, instead it should be vocal in its defence of the individuals against the actions of the state

The woman on the packed tube, grasping the hand of what the Indians call an 'eve botherer' and calling out loudly, "
Whose hand is this?"
thus bringing the perpetrator into public contempt will be a far more effective method of stopping the casual rush hour perv than an attempt to get of the train, call a station master and try to identify them with all the associated hassle for everybody else and the slim chance of catching them.

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