Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dan hits out at personalised pork

Dan Hannan has egotubed his latest speech in the Strasbourg Parliament. In it he points out that though the European Police College sits in the South East of England and is there part of his consituency, it is dodgy and should be closed down. Bravo Dan. I quite agree with you, and not solely; over the money and its dodgy accounts.

The very premis of the Bramshill College is dodgy. Why do we need a European Police College at all? Anyway it is good to see Dan following where others lead.

Others such as the UKIP MEP and former Commission Chief Accountant who 5 months ago, called for the college to be scraped, and yes it is in her constiteuncy too,
Andreasen, a former European commission chief accountant, said, "Nearly two years ago the Euro cops were given a final warning on getting their own house in order. They haven't done so", she said. "Now we must cut off their funding for good."

Or maybe back in 2009, when the then UKIP MEP on the Budgetary Control Committee Jeffrey Titford highlighted the problem,
"Yet another EU funded institution is found to have no proper accounting system and public money has been washing through it with abandon as the staff appear to have run the college like a holiday camp."


As has been pointed out elsewhere Dan has had his eye on the College for a long time, so the above is not entirely fair.

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gillig said...

The” No to AV Campaign” started this week.
The Sun says no, The Mail says no, both say it’s too expensive. Labour mostly say no, conservatives say no and Clegg says he really wanted PR.
The point is that the machinery is in place for a referendum and the Irish “about turn” is proof that an EU referendum can be rigged.
To rig a referendum, first create a problem, or reinvent an old one.
THE VOTES FOR PRISONER’S BILL. An issue abhorrent to the British Public.
The idea of murderers and rapists being able to vote uses extreme examples to make the point, no mention of the prisoner who didn’t pay their TV license.
This issue was around when Cameron lost what should have been a walkover election. He had broken his cast iron promise and knew at this point that the EU membership issue would not go away without a referendum.
An assault on the Court of human rights is underway. Add in the sex offenders register issue to stir it up. I believe Cameron will manipulate anti EU feeling enough to justify adding an EU referendum onto the AV one, at the last moment.
Once the EU referendum is in place, Cameron will win his battle with the Court of Human rights, and fight to keep EU membership.
Cameron needs a snap referendum. Lord Pearson recently asked for a cost analysis of EU membership. It was refused. When they were in power, Labour repeatedly refused such requests. The sums will not add up. The arguments for staying in will not bear lengthy scrutiny.