Wednesday, January 19, 2011

They could always vote UKIP Mr Gove

Acccording to Nick Robinson,
Defending his plans to cut Educational Maintenance Allowances in the Commons this afternoon Gove praised councils that helped students with travel costs:

"In Hull, Liberal Democrat-controlled Hull, any student in receipt of EMA also gets a travel grant to cope with the full cost..."

Then, in response to interruptions, he continued:

"Well, they won't if a Labour council takes power, I suspect. But if they're wise enough to vote Liberal Democrat at the next local elections in Hull..."

Cue lots of ooh-ing and ahh-ing and a knowing smile from the minister:

"... or for the Conservatives in any seat where we are well-placed to defeat Labour, then they will have a council that is fulfilling its statutory duty".

At present, the Liberal Democrats run Hull city council, Labour are the opposition and the Tories have just 2 out of 59 seats (those 2 are not up for election this May). Tory voters in Hull have just been invited to vote tactically.
Why is anybody in the Tory Party still supporting their leadership when they think like this?


Anonymous said...

Gawain, Good posts as always, but have been having major problems with this site. If I click a link in FB, I get page not found. If I enter this site from my bookmark it opens 10 tabs saying page not found.I use Vista and Fiefox.

Gawain Towler said...


There seems to be some sort of bug in the system. I am not sure what to do about it other than close the whole blog down.

Anonymous said...

Might be worth letting CC or R Mc W have a look. I know CC is involved in a by election today. Don't close it down though!!!