Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Marta calls for action on European Court of Auditors

Marta Andreasen is tonight asking the Commission what it plans to do about the revelations given that the UK government refuses to act.
"The allegations, which come as no surprise to me, pointed essentially to the lack of independence of EU auditors which affects the level of transparency in their reporting of irregularities.

"Furthermore they put into question the basis on which this parliament has been granting discharge for the last fifteen years."

She added, "It is now time for this parliament to demand that the EU budget and accounts are audited by a truly independent body, external to the EU institutions.

"Without this independent audit member states and parliament are in no position to continue discharging the European commission of its financial responsibility."

Andreasen said she will ask Barroso if he will allow an external auditor to review the accounts during a Q&A session in parliament.
Ind Home points out that this might be 'squirming' but sadly that will be should rather than will as the EU is never going to do anything that seriously opens up its procedures.

It is also worth noting that Siim Kallas who was accused by the Dutch auditor of applying unseemly pressure on the ECA is considering legal action for defamation.

Now to me this sounds like bluster,
Siim Kallas says the accusations are completely defamatory. We are seriously considering going to court,“ Kallas's secretary Hanna Hinrikus told uudised.err.ee.
After all, I would guess he has the EU's legal services run their eyes over the allegations. If he had legs to stand on they would have done more than 'seriously consider'.

Maybe another PQ.

Marta poses her question

I note that Barroso describes the European Court of Auditors as the European Union's 'external auditor'. Which is odd given what the ECA says here,

Provisions of the Treaty of Lisbon concerning the European Court of Auditors and its activity
Article 13 of the TEU states explicitly that the Court is one of the Union’s institutions.

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