Monday, January 17, 2011

UK Govt to do nothing about CoA alegations

Just watching the House of Commons and was pleaseantly surprised to hear Dominic Raab bringing up the question of the workings of the European Court of Auditors. Remember that the Dutch member of the Court resigned at the New Year to make his allegations about corruption in the Court, whitewashed reports and pressure from Siim Kallas and the Commission to water down audit criticism.

I will have to wait for Hansard but the exchange went something like this,
Dominic Raab: What is the Government doing to ensure the accuracy of the auditors reports of the CoA in the light of the Dutch allegations.
Sir George Young Bt: We suppor the excellent work of the Court of Auditors in rooting out fraud in the EU
The point being is that the question was about fraud in the Court. And this Government dodged it. After all they could ask the British member of the Court to report, on oath, about the allegations, but have chosen not to.

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