Friday, January 21, 2011

Lizard joins Lazards

Guido is confirming that Baron Mandelson of Foy, the great lizard of New Labour is joining Lazards.
“London, 21 January 2011 – Lazard Ltd (NYSE: LAZ) announced today that Lord Mandelson, former Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulation, effective immediately. As a Senior Adviser, he will provide independent strategic counsel to the firm and its clients.”

What is interesting is the timing. He has just this month stopped recieving the payments from Brussels that are designed to tide him over while he looks for a new job, what is called the 'transitional allowance'. An allowance that has been netting him about £8,000 a month.

As Nigel Farage said back in September,
Nigel Farage, the European leader of Ukip, said: "Lord Mandelson sits on his sleek backside and continues to sponge up over £100,000 in euro dole. Why doesn't he do something useful for once and get a real job?"
Now there are arguements that suggest that if you reduce people's benefits they are more likely to find themselves gainful employment.

Point proven I would say. It seems that Lord Mandelson is Britain's biggest benefits scrounger.

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