Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The US Ambassador's political Ferrero Rocher to the EU

If France really is America's best friend in the world then it seems that the US Ambassador's words to the European Parliament should be taken as a symptom of their chumminess.
"I want to stress that the UK needs to remain in the EU.

"The US does not want to see Britain's role in the EU diminished in any way.

"The message I want to convey today is that we want to see a stronger EU, but also a stronger British participation within the EU.

Susman, who took up his current post a year ago, added, "This is crucial if, together, we are going to meet all the global challenges facing us, including climate change and security.

"But let's be clear: all key issues must run through Europe."
Perhaps this style of shooting from the lip should be taken as a post Wikileaks diplomatic approach. Get those things that might be leaked out in the open.

I would say however that this former Democratic fundraiser must be doing his master's bidding and this is the official view of the State Department. So be it. But it shows yet again how the Obama Whitehouse is losing its way on foreign policy. It ill behoves the US to tell us from a public platform what is, and what isn't good for us.

A diplomat's job is of course to make friends, and by saying this sort of stuff in Brussels rather makes the point. He wants to curry favour with the assembled throng in the European Parliament, and there is nothing that the EU likes to hear, (and federasts in the UK like to hear) more than hearing the siren voices of global compacts and nascent one world government.

But His Excellency forgets that little thing, that small fly in the ointment, democracy and the will of the people. He also forgets another basic thing. If the EU is such a good partner (remember the way that the bid countries of Europe running to the US's side during the war, and the anti-American rhetoric that takes up so much domestic political discourse in Germany and France) then it will remain a good partner with or without the UK.

The UK will reck its own rede and rightly so. If we believe that the US is doing what is right we should support it, if not then we should not.

Likewise your Excellency, and cordially, we understand that sycophancy to your hosts is part of diplomatic discourse, but cordially you really ought to mind your own business.


Edward Spalton said...

There is ample evidence that the CIA funded the European Movement generously and was instrumental in the campaign to get Britain into the EEC (now EU). The historian, Richard ALdrich, mentioned this in a BBC radio programme "A Letter to the Time" on 3 Feb 2000.
"....I was absolutely astonished todiscover that the library (Georgetown University, Washington) had the entire archive of a CIA front organisation which documents from start to finish funnelling millions of dollars into Europe, into Britain with correspondence, for example, from British Labour MPs.... The whole accounting structure was designed to hide the fact that CIA money was coming in"

(Eurofacts of 31 Mar 2000 "How they swung it in the early Seventies")

Anonymous said...

Of course the Americans want us in the EU - heaven forbid! They think we are controlled and subservient as long as we're there. And they're right - we are.
What they don't like is the fact that as a country with a 1000 years of governing ourselves, we just might not like being told what to do by an Orwellian marxist state.
The yanks wouldn't like us to be a free sovereign country again - shock, horror, we might actually become more powerful and respected in the world and have a voice that people may start to listen to.

Adam R. said...

I'm from Nevada and the Obambi admin. wants the 50 states to be as sovereign as the nations in the EU, which is not at all. Many people in the Tea Party movement know about your situation and support your fight for independence. I hope you and the other 26 can be self-governing again one day.

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