Friday, January 07, 2011

Eurocrats are full of it

A noisome little snippet comes my way. Just before Christmas the European Commission formally opened Europa House, its new headquarters in Smith Square (fampously the old Tory Central Office) and my current office.

A big drinks do ensued with William Hague leading the applause, and Jerzey Buzek taking the thanks.

All well and good. The room was filled with Eurocrats great and small. Hundreds of em.

From what I am reliably informed the results were noxious. The loos we so filled that they blocked, flooding the basement with effluent and stinking the place out.

Now we know the truth, eurocrats really are full of it.

Now it has been pointed out that there were probably less than 250 people in the room. That Mr Hague was not a Eurocrat, Mr Buzek is an MEP, therefore not a Eurocrat in the strictest sense (though I would suggest that since the MEP wage changes he is paid by Brussels not Poland and thus he is now a Eurocrat) and I am indeed one of those Eurocrats. Worse still many of those indeed the majority of those in the room were not Eurocrats at all, they were British supporters of the EU (Quislings then?) It has further been suggested that the engineers and design of the toilet system were probably British (maybe Polish?)  thus the blame for this should go to them rather than the vast quantity of shit flushed down the loo. Perhaps.

FFS Dick, this was a humerous aside, not something to be parsed into oblivion.


Anonymous said...

Well what can you say? yes they are, and William Hauge just loves them, along with his europhile party.

Anonymous said...

But you yourself are a eurocrat, Gawain :)

Gawain Towler said...

Well yes, that is true, and I cannot deny it