Friday, January 07, 2011

Cold, colder, coldest

AM has done (another) fine piece of work on the excreable Met Office (oh how they must wish he would go away). It appears that at the very least, unlike constant claims that despite December this was a very warm year, it wasn't.
But while the Met Office has been focusing the attention of the media on the record cold December statistic with its right hand, its left hand has quietly confirmed further down in the article that in the UK 2010 was the 12th coldest year since the ‘national series’ of weather recording started in 1910.

So which is the bigger story? The one that tells us we have just had our coldest winter month in 100 years? Or that against a backdrop of the ‘consensus’ telling us that runaway global warming is transforming the planet, the UK has just experienced its 12th coldest year in the same period?
I would say that 2010 comes into the colder catergory.

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