Friday, December 03, 2010

Useful idiots?

We know that there are a team of awkward Tory MP's, MEPs and Lords who through their opposition to Government policy on Europe, schools and so on have given the party a veneer of respectability with eurosceptic voters. They will not change Tory policy but act as a harmless vent for disgruntled voters. The Tories are rightly worried about the impact of UKIP on their edges and thus license these outliers. That feeling is givern some credibility by the reports yesterday  by Lobbydog,
Lobbydog hears that a group of the new Tory intake have been selected as right-wing ‘buffers’.
They’ve been sanctioned by the Tory leadership to discuss certain issues in the media which have been deemed too politically sensitive for the leadership to talk openly about.
Their purpose is to make sure right-wing party members and associations see that their issues are not being ignored in Westminster.
The dog does point out that this may become a dangerous policy, but I fear he hopes too much.
Of course, by grouping these people together you give them a collective identity which may turn out to be dangerous if they choose to speak with a single voice against the leadership.
In the end I fear, from past experience, the native Tory will do what he is told, rather than what he thinks is right.


Anonymous said...

Good point I have long thought the Tories sanctioned a few people to vent the argument

Anonymous said...

Isn't this conformation of what has been obvious?

banned said...

What it does is allow those folks to identify themselves as being for the chop once Dave&Nick make their alliance permanent.