Friday, December 03, 2010

His master's voice

The old Tory Office in Smith Square, is as people are probably aware the new Europa House headquaters off the EU in Britain, and the vene of this humble scribbler.

On Monday it will be formally opened attending will a series of the EU great and good, after all the openening of the Viceroy's palace was always important, But I note that they will be joined by a member of the Government,
Opening of Europe House (European Parliament - European Commission joint offices in London) - Speeches by President Buzek, Sim Kallas, Vice-President of European Commission, and William Hague MP, Foreign Secretary - Europe House
I wonder what dear William will say to his overlords?


Anonymous said...

More to the point will you be there to tell us lol?


banned said...

Will that mean fewer expenses claimed by our Regional Gauleighters since now they won't have to travel to Brussels to get their instructions?
(Those Regions, RDAs, that Dave promised to abolish, remember?).

Anonymous said...

More trousers needed for little Willie, he does keep wearing the knees out so fast. To the visitors, Vague "welcome to your land, mesieurs, sorry abart the accent, I'm only a serf, m'lords. Shall I bend over now".