Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nobody wants to meet Nick

Nick Clegg did Oldham today, and then some. He arrived at the Oldham Training Centre today en force. Lees Road was blocked for his very important Deputy Prime Minstership.

He was accompanied by,
7 Police cars 
3 Cars of security detail
1 Car full of close personal staff,
and of course 
The Deputy Prime Ministerial Limo.
One of the UKIP by-election team turned up to see if they could go into the meeting. One of the phalanx of policemen politely turned them away,
"It's a public meeting, but only those invited can go. There again there are only 15 people in there who accepted the invitations".
It transpires that the Lib Dems had invited everybody involved in the training centre to attend, but only 15 people bothered to turn up. But he was surrounded by twice as many security staff.

Nobody wants  to be seen with Nick any more.


Anonymous said...

That is within 100 yards of our campaign office, It can only be accessed from Lees road, I would estimate 30-40% of attendees had to go past our office.

banned said...

Oldham Training Centre website is suddenly "under construction".

The future will validate the new student fees programme but long after Nick has faded into oblivion for failing to promote it properly.

Robert said...

Why would anyone in their right mind want to see Nick Clegg?

Anonymous said...

And how much has that little waste of time cost us? What a bloody disgrace, they still haven't got the message. It is quite simple really "get your thieving hands out of our pockets".. like NOW!