Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Epicentre of Revolution

Bob Ainswoth is railing against what he obviously considers to be dark forces on his twitter feed this morning.

Obviously he fears that this Brigade is some sort of Militia, maybe a local outcrop of those terrifying 'Forces of Conservatism' that his former master once so impotently raged against.

Who he really despises, holds in contempt are the residents of Burton Green who are incensed, rightly in my opinion that their village is to be destroyed by the vast waste of money that is the planned High Speed rail Link.

This is what he is up against,
Village Hall

Fri 19th Nov 2010
AGM 7pm All Welcome, Cheese and Wine

Fri 10th Dec 2010
Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch

Sat 4th Feb 2011
Murder Mystery

Sat 16th April 2011
Live theatre comes to the Village Hall

Sat 2nd July 2011

Sunday 11th September 2011
Annual Flower and Produce Show
You see the problem don't you. The problem that Mr Ainsworth has here is people. You know the solid beating heart of the English countryside. Here they are again, the bastards, fighting for their own slice of the country which they call home,

What a shower, how dare they.

And here is the self styled CO of the local Militia, 'Col' Chris Langton Chairman of the Resident's Association.

Dangerous looking blighter isn't he?


pop said...

One law for the dukes, one for the peasants.

Line over a rich dukes estate, half a mile from the house = unacceptable.

Line through the middle of a village of a few hundred peasants = just dandy.

Anonymous said...

The politicos have just about peed off everyone now ,from poor to rich from everyday to intelligentsia.
No wonder they are investing in armoured transport instead of listening.
It's all fallout from the failed policy of global governance.
The EU is the flagship of this ,holed and sinking deeper everyday.

Anonymous said...

Could this be to do with Agenda 21? The forced settling of people alongside railway lines, closing off of countryside to promote 'green ishoos' and biodiversity. Say hello to the world guvmint.