Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4/10 : Hungarian Presidency must do better

Urkuti György is an official over at the Hungarain Presidencu of the EU which is due to start on the 1st of January.

As such he has quite a poisoned chalice as he will be defending all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff over the coming 6 months. But I guess it wll be easier given he has a government, unlike the poor Belgian's who are relinquishing their jaded crown.

What makes him interesting is that he has started a blog,  but in that ineffable way that the EU just fails to get it, it is a blog as Kosmopolit points out,
But without comments & broken RSS feed? Not so good!
They really do need to set their dial top recieve as well as transmit if they are to be taken seriously.

The content of the blog is inadvertantkly amusing,

Citing 'What if' a poem by Endre Ady he goes on to say,
Still, on the occasion of the Hungarian EU Presidency an attempt may be worthwile. Maybe we Hungarians will be able to demonstrate, even with such a tool, that the EU is much more than just the waffling of diplomatic eggheads dressed in gray suits. That the EU is more than just an overly bureauctratized cash dispenser.

Decisions based on the Union’s policies are also important in our everyday lives, no matter whether we talk about the compensations to flood victims, marital divorce cases, pensions, or the drug called mefedrine. These are all topics in which the Union had delivered meaningful decisions, while rather few people are familiar with them. Boring news reports may be blamed partially. But let’s try it in a different way! What if the blog of the Hungarian Presidency can contribute – with tools rather modest – in making important subjects better known?
I think he means, what if we use blogs? But hold on, he is right, the EU is indeed more than an "overly bureauctratized cash dispenser". After all in a bank, people puts the money in, in order that they can take their own money out. In the EU people put the money in, under the threat of prison after all , in ordere that other people, with whom they have little sympathy can can take money out.

It is not a benign fountain of shekels.

Though he really ought to set up a comments function, when he does he had better be prepared for the brickbats that will inevitably come his way.

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kosmopolit said...

Just noticed that they switched on the comment function!