Monday, November 01, 2010

The Timms stabbing was Islamic extremism after all

Back in May when the popular local Labour MP Stephen Timms was stabbed in his constuituency office the reporting was very partial,
A 21-year-old woman has been arrested after Stephen Timms, the Labour MP, was stabbed while holding his constituency surgery in Beckton, East London.

Initially reports that the attacker was Muslim were downplayed or ignored,
One witness said he thought that the woman had stood up and walked around the back of the desk as if she was going to shake hands, then she stabbed him twice in the abdomen.

"I think it was a small knife with a short blade. The paramedics were able to stop the bleeding at the scene. Colleagues who are at the hospital with him assure me that he's going to be OK.
After all if the witness could say all this they would probably be able to tell the background of the assailant. By the time local Labour mayor Sir Robin Wales spoke to the BBC more was known, buit he was desperate to pretend otherwise,

"Why do you stab somebody? You go in to see somebody who is trying to help people and you stab him. Why do you do that? I think there are mental health issues.

"I can't imagine any other reason and if any other reason is given, it is still for me a mad thing to do."
Slowly the story started to come out,.
Sagal Ahmed,16, a student at Kingsford Community School, was in the community centre in Beckton when the stabbing happened.

'We just heard this big commotion so we ran in to the room,' she said. 'The security guard had grabbed this Asian woman. She was wearing a long black outfit like what Muslims wear and an orangey headscarf. I think she was a Muslim.
The woman in question refused to enter a plea back in July, but now, finally the truth is out,
Choudhry told detectives she was trying to kill Timms for "punishment" and "to get revenge for the people of Iraq", said William Boyce QC, prosecuting. "When asked why she had stabbed him a second time she said, 'Because I wasn't going to stop stabbing until someone made me,' " Boyce added

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