Monday, November 01, 2010

Jollies for Press Officers

Now of course this is merely jealousy writ large, but I am surprised that this little trip is being funded. Antti Timonen is one of the EPP press team and I noticed this tweet,

So I asked, if the EPP were paying,

Yes it seems they are, or more to the point you are, as the EPP is largely funded through tax.

Now I am not entirely sure why they are sending Antti over there. After all I cannot really see any crossover whatsoever between the Tea Party movement and the EPP. Or is there? There again having taken a look at the Congressional Institue's website, I don't think they are particularly au fait with Tea Party thinking.

(Disclaimer: I have been on a couple of foriegn trips as press officer for the EFD - or as it was the Ind/Drem Group, but I can say catergiorically no taxpayers money was hurt in the making of those trips).

This post as I mentioned is fuelled merey by envy.

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Michael Heaver said...

Not like anything vital is going on in budgets or anything to cover.