Tuesday, November 09, 2010

More on that Budget: What the increase will be spent on. Me for example

I note that EU Referendum, and Your Freedom have both picked up the point that the European Parliament's rapporteur on the Budget negotiations reckons that the boy Dave is being less than fully honest about the 2.9% budget increase.

Both of them highlight what the extra money will be for.
"On one hand member states are asking us to cut payments for 2011, but on the other they are demanding supplements for 2010," Ms Jedrzejewska said.

Listing the extra expenditures already agreed for next year, she mentioned: compensations for banana producers agreed by EU member states and the World Trade Organisation, which would be worth €80 million; the France-based nuclear fusion project (ITER) project, for which international funding to the tune of €1.5 billion still has to be found; and the new EU diplomatic service which will need at least €34 million extra funds in 2011.
What neither of them notice, because it is not reported in the EU Observer version of the story, but rather the European Voice version is that the money is also going on people like me,
MEPs are also demanding the EU put aside money to pay for a possible retroactive pay rise for EU staff for 2009.
Bet your backbenchers will love that little snippet Dave.

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