Monday, November 08, 2010

Dick's on fire

A magnificent posting on the lies of ASH by Mr P. There is more but this is the core of a superlative piece of blogging,

Considering the past week's news, perhaps it is time to revisit the ASH handbook on the myths of anti-smoking legislation.
1) Myth: It will be bad for pubs
I think that has been answered emphatically by the British Beer & Pubs Association
The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has said closures across the UK are running at 5 a day, up a third on last year, with close to 1,900 of the country's 57,000 pubs set to shut this year if the current rate continues.
The industry is angry with the government for pressing ahead with tax rises when it is facing the toughest trading conditions for years with pressure on household budgets, last year's smoking ban, cheap alcohol offers in supermarkets, and the miserable summer weather encouraging drinkers to stay at home.
2) Myth: It will be bad for bingo
Yes it was.
Carmen Media has highlighted that over a year into the smoking ban in the UK, more than 53 land based bingo halls have closed, bringing the number of clubs still open to about 550.
The company said if one considers the impact of the smoking ban in Scotland (in effect since March 2006) where all reports showed that it has been an absolute disaster for all the top bingo clubs, the history has only repeated itself in the UK.
Odd that ASH didn't spot this repeating of history, don't you think?
3) Myth: There will be large scale non-compliance
That's answering a myth with a fabricated myth. Take away the £2,500 fines and see how much compliance you get.
4) Myth: There will be heavy handed enforcement with undercover officers and covert filming
Never gonna happen ... is it?
Westminster City Council brought a prosecution against him after environmental health officers twice visited his bar last August and reported he was permitting customers to smoke.
They didn't reveal themselves and ran up a bill for hundreds of pounds after a slap-up three-course meal with expensive wine, payable from taxpayers' money of course.
Nope, no undercover officers. Not at all.
5) Myth: Working men's clubs and shisha bars will close
Like the myth of Britain's oldest Working mens club closing perhaps? Amongst many many others? Or how about the myth of shisha bars closing?
When the ban on smoking in public places kicks in on July 1st hundreds of shisha bars across the UK will have to close their doors.
... and doesn't this one morph into so-called myth 4 about undercover officers ... at nearly 1am?
Katherine Jamieson, for the council, said environmental health officer Steve Joyce stopped outside the bar, in Evington Road, at 12.50am. He saw a member of the public enter and a number of people sitting at tables smoking shisha pipes.
A bit of myth 3 confirmed there too.
6) Myth: People won't really quit
*Cough* People really haven't. Increase in England reported this week and an increase in youth smoking in Scotland. See above.
Plus, wasn't the legislation brought in to 'protect bar workers'? Patricia Hewitt's department said, only this week, that ...
'The legislation was never intended to be a measure to reduce smoking prevalence.'
You and ASH should get together sometime and agree on the lies you are telling, Hewitt.
7) Myth: Smoking is a victimless crime/ Claims about the health impact are flawed
Firstly, the claims ARE flawed, but the misdirection is the real issue. It should be up to the individual to make decisions based on educated risks. Smoking is very definitely a victimless crime if the victims are quite happy to be where they are happy. What the fuck has it to do with you?
8) Myth: House fires will increase as people will stay at home to smoked
This is a cracker of a lie. It's one group with a stated purpose quoting another with a business interest. The myth was apparently from Direct Line insurance. They were using ASH's very own scare tactic model to increase their business.
9) Myth: There will be an increase in exposure of secondhand smoke in the home, affecting children
This one is quite amazing even by the standards of these inveterate liars. ASH themselves confirmed a truth that they said was a myth. As lies go, this is a stunner.
Last night anti-smoking pressure group ASH told The People that the Government's public smoking ban had made the problem WORSE for children - because it encouraged parents to light up at home instead of in pubs.
ASH campaigner Hannah Sandford said the smoking ban had put kids at greater risk. She said: 'We now have a situation where adults are protected from second hand smoke but young children are not.'
Well, if you cared about the kids, why did you shift smoking from an adult environment like a pub, into other places where kids might be present, you pricks?
10) Myth: The public do not want a smoking ban or any further tobacco control measures
The public have voted with their feet about your smoking ban. Further tobacco control measures have been proved to be motivated by rigged consultations and even this idiot Government have started to realise they are not too popular amongst voters. I think they may have finally worked out that ASH have conned them. Took them a while seeing as ASH have been boasting for a while now about how democracy was circumvented.
Objective: To examine how a Government committed to a voluntary approach was forced by effective advocacy to introduce comprehensive smokefree legislation.
Wish I could blog like that
Where has Dick's post gone?


Anonymous said...

Pure madness we have a lobby group with a vested interest funded by the taxpayer to lobby government.
Government lobbying government.
Not to mention the fact that smokers whom ASH are out to demonise are themselves having to fund this lobby group ,incidently also funded by Pfizer who manufacture nicotine patches sold to the NHS on more taxpayers money.
If Pfizer think ASH are such a solid pipeline to the NHS why don't they fund the Fake Charity themselves ?
ASH's achievments.
Closing down 6000 public houses not tomention clubs, bingo halls.
Together witht the job losses involved.
Demonising a quarter of the population with unfounded junk science claims.
Failing to decrease adult smoking ,it has risen since the bans.
In a nutshell ASH are a disaster.

banned said...

Bad for pubs? Like they care, alcohol being the next in line with their pals at Alcohol Concern.

"Well, if you cared about the kids, why did you shift smoking from an adult environment like a pub, into other places where kids might be present, you pricks?"
Easy, just another brick in the wall to criminalise smoking in places with children, your own car, your own home...

As for bingo, since when did any member of ASH or the righteous in general do anything but despise this most proletarian of activities?

PJH said...

Where has Dick's post gone?