Friday, November 19, 2010

It's a (local Government) Knockout

This litle jollity is brought to my attention by the LGA. The Local Government Challenge, which is as far as I can work out some sort of game show for local Government staff.

And like all of these things it is subsidised by the Councul Tax payer. This time the booby prizes will be going to the hard working rate payers of Dorset, Birmingham, Essex and Kent.
The Local Government Challenge, now in its second year, is designed to give staff with the drive and determination to reach the top, the opportunity to demonstrate their individual and team-working skills. Open to employees in the LGA’s member authorities, contestants will undertake a series of challenges in a range of council services....
The challenges will reflect local, national and global issues of political and public relevance, and will test each candidate’s creative, communication and leadership skills. Contestants will be observed every step of the way by a panel of leading local government figures and partner organisations.
Sounds like a blast doesn't it?

But given the austerity measures and the hundreds of thousands of jobs being cut in the public sector is this a sensible way to waste spend our money? After all having 'leading local government figures' hanging around like Alan Sugar doesn't come cheap, what with their call out rates.

But hang on, it appears that while it cost £4000 to enter, (and get an invite to the gala dinner) the whole affair is being sponsored by a series of companies who want business from the assembled senior local authority figures. Liberata whose strapline is "Out sourcing workflows" (which would give me the willies if I worked in local government)  is the key suporter of the boondoggle, I checked their local Government page out and discoved this as a key selling point,
We deliver change management and optimise performance
Whether the focus is avoidable contact, absenteeism, council tax collection or invoice payments, we invest, develop and mentor our teams, whilst engaging in broad and frequent communication with them. We have created unique proprietary performance, quality and workload management dashboards that facilitate better performance.
What is 'Avoidable contact'? What the hell are 'workload management dashboards'? Why do these people receive public money?

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