Friday, November 19, 2010

Don't forget where the price rises come from

Another week another inflation busting fuel price inctrease, this time Southern have put 9% on the price of your fuel, as have Scottish power.

However at least the Telegraph is beggining to notice why the prices are going up,
It says that it also has to pay rising charges to maintain the network and meet its environmental obligations.
"We know that rising energy prices come at a difficult time for many in Britain," said British Gas managing director Phil Bentley.
Too bloody right they do Phil,
This makes it sound as if British Gas is insulating lofts out of the goodness of its heart. It isn't. It is worth remembering that energy companies are required by Government to carry out these energy-saving measures.
Yes, it is to chase the climate targets set by Europe and cheerlead by numpties like Chris Huhne


Anonymous said...

A 9% rise is not a disaster for the affluent.
However for the less affluent or industry ,it's effluent.

Robert said...

There is no need for gas prices to rise when there is a world glut of natural gas.

This is all about energy company profits on the back of falling gas prices.

Gawain Towler said...

Robert you are right, but the smokescreen for the rises is the costs put upon the industry by Climate alarmist policies