Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Isle of Wight Council discover cheap source of fuel

According to Ventnor Blog they have announced that they will be sending recycled Irish jokes to a 'gasification plant' (see right, where old jokes go to die), which will then render them down into purest energy, that you will be able to heat your homes with.
The market stall was visited several times by Trading Standards officers during the summer and autumn of 2008 following information received that some of the products on offer were either illegal copies or fake merchandise.

This included Irish jokes and several other CDs, salt and pepper pots and baseball caps branded with the England logo and Manchester United logo.

The seized goods have since been kept in storage by IW Council Trading Standards and on Wednesday 1 December, they will be taken to the Gasification Plant in Newport.

There, they will be shredded and then crushed into ‘bales’ where they will then be burnt in the Gasification Plant which generates electricity.
I am impressed. If I can get a few Watts from a redundent Irish joke, how much power do I get for a Mother-in-Law? Or for that matter contraband sexist mutterings and the odd off colour comment about dubious foriegners?

To be fair to Ventnor Blog, he is quoting direct from the IoW council press release.

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