Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Did Prince Andrew do his job?

I have just had a dispute with somebody whose opinion I respect highly about the Wikileak revelations about the Duke of York,
I think it would be more beneficial if the UK was represented by someone who is a) democratically elected, therefore accountable b) intelligent c) culturally sensitive and d) doesn't come across as an arrogant bore.
This is a trade envoy, not a minister. Should we elect all our trade envoys? Who would be the electorate? Expats who might get embarrassed by their behaviour?
b) Never met a thick helicopter pilot, maybe there are some, but not in my experience. No he isn't the greatest academic, never was, but not thick.
c) He was with a group of British businessmen. That is culturally sensitive to them. When with the Kyrgyz types he is culturally sensitive to them.
d) Well fine, there you have me, but again I would say he was with an audience that appreciated it. Except the US ambassador who seems to have responded like a junior Jean Brodie.

I wouldn't worry, if he was representing the UK in that matter at the Cultural olympiad I would have thought it rather inappropriate, but here there should be no real problems.

The big question is, did British business pick any good contracts on the trip? If not then he failed, if so then he didn't.


banned said...

I think Andy is alright and thought nothing when reading about that wikileak, big non-story really.
Just gave the US Ambassador something exciting to report home with without upsetting his Kyrgiz hosts

Edward Spalton said...

Seems to be a chip off the old block, given to blunt speaking in a naval sort of way.

Bribery is a loathsome thing. It increased greatly under New Labour from the very start (remember Bernie Ecclestone's million pound donation?). Nonetheless it is less widespread in this country than most. In many other countries, it is standard business practice and it is difficult to see how British firms could compete without it.

Gawain Towler said...

Banned, I think you have it on the button