Saturday, November 06, 2010

ID's not over until ID's over

Excellent piece in computer weekly highlighting those nasty little hangovers that will remain after the headline ID card project is scrapped.

Though the Government has done the right thing in dropping the ID cards, it is a timely reminder that the war on our surveillance state is far from over
the ConDem's ID legislation will make it a criminal offence with up to 10 years imprisonment to try and carry off a false ID.

There are no end of reasons why someone might justifiably goof some busybody official into thinking they are someone they are not. They might want to send Transport for London's heavies the the wrong way for a start.

Or they might want to get lashed before they are 18. No2ID reckons the last government lost no time in seconding its terrorist-nabbing ID legislation to the task of bagging underage drinkers.

Just to recap, the Government is not your friend.

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