Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Honour where honour is deserved

His Grace has highlighted the ghost at the feast of self congratulation. I have heard Brown congratulated, the Tory press lionised, John Major in laurels, but until this morning I haven't heard anyone give credit where credit is due to the man who though his own coyurage and cash saved us from membership of the single currency.

Sir James 'Jimmy' Goldsmith.

As the dead cleric puts it,
Let us never forget that we owe this man a huge debt of gratitude. It was not any professing-Christian politician who saved Britain from the euro and the image of that horror: it was a Jewish businessman and financier who cared more than a little about democracy and liberty.
And Anglo-French to boot.

As an aside he is bang on about the Established church as well,
And yet Pope Benedict XVI preached a contrary sermon, as did the Commission of Bishops.
And so does the Church of England.
Euro-scepticism is heresy. Recalcitrants are not simply ‘oddball, imperial throwbacks suffering from dementia’; their ‘swivel-eyed extremism’ renders them unfit for public office.

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Robert said...

It was Major as Chancellor who took us into the ill fated ERM in 1989. He led us out in 1992 and damned the country to rule by Blair and Brown for 13 years.