Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Euro Blog event in London

In part a boast, in part an invitation.

I will be taking part in this event organised in the main by Joe of EuroGoblin fame.

The program is as follows

13:45 to 15:15 – FIRST PANEL - “The EU in the British Media”

We'll be asking our panelists about the coverage of the EU in the British press. Do the media generally do a good job of “keeping tabs” on the EU? Is it true that British euroscepticism is driven by the media, or are the media just following public opinion?

David Rennie - Political Editor and Bagehot Columnist, The Economist
Paul Staines - Blogger, Guido Fawkes
Mats Persson - Director, Open Europe
J Clive Matthews - Blogger, Nosemonkey's EUtopia

15:45 to 17:45 – SECOND PANEL - “The EU in the British Blogosphere”

In this panel, we'll be turning a critical eye on the British blogosphere. Do bloggers have any advantages over mainstream journalists when writing about the EU? Are bloggers better informed and freer to say what everybody is really thinking? Unconstrained by deadlines and editorial oversight, can they delve deeper into a story? Or are they just under less pressure to maintain levels of accuracy and ethical behaviour?

Bruno Waterfield - Brussels Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph
Gawain Towler - UKIP / Europe of Freedom and Democracy Press Officer and Blogger, England Expects
Laurie Penny - New Statesman Columnist and Blogger, Penny Red
Jon Worth - Blogger, Jon Worth's Euroblog
As they point out,
There is only limited seating available so places have to be reserved. If you’re interested in attending, then get in touch with us at info [at]

Sounds like fun, and I am not entirely sure what I am doing there with such august company but there you have it. Do get in touch with the crowd at the email suggested if you want to join us.

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Tim Worstall said...

I'm becoming increasingly bemused about this "EU blogging" thing.

I blog a great deal about the EU.

However, I never seem to be considered as running an "EU blog".

I assume it's because I'm simply dead against it. Nihilism is not allowed perhaps?