Monday, November 08, 2010

Green policies cause environmental destruction

For a while now the green inspired rush to biofuels has been causing palpitations amongst those who actually care about the environment. Slowly the Green Movement itself is beginning to realise quite how bad things are getting. Here are the Friends of the Earth today,
The UK's increasing demand for biofuels will destroy more natural habitat and create more climate changing emissions than previously estimated, new research launched today by environmental and development charities reveals.
Well we have been pointing this out for years you know, and we are still on the case today
"This research reveals the scale of the damage that misguided biofuels targets will cause to forest habitats and communities - and the UK is set to have the worst track record in Europe.

"Using more biodiesel in our cars won't help to green transport - our research shows that when the full impact of their production is taken into account, biofuels cause more emissions than the fossil fuels they replace."

They do of course have a cure for this do Friends of the Earth, more public subsidies for electric cars, like the 400,000 GBP of public subsidy for Dale Vince's electric super car.

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