Wednesday, October 13, 2010

They must be desperate

After the collosal PR horlicks that they made with their No Pressure video it appears that the 10:10 climate campaign is desperate to get back on track,

To that end they have a job going,
10:10, the world’s most exciting climate campaign, has a 10 week intern programme designed to train up a new wave of extraordinary campaigners. Based in Camden, you’ll instantly become a valued member of the team behind the inspiring, frenetic project that is 10:10.
Well I am not sure what they have been inspiring recently, contempt, hilarity? But I can bet they have been frenetic. Being the caring sharing sorts they will pay an intern £200 per month - Wooo Wooo, not enough even to cover tube tickets to and from their Camden lair.

But wait, what will the intern be doing? One task proposed is,
Press and communications
10:10's press and PR managers are looking for somebody with brilliant written skills, a great phone manner and a keen interest in climate change and the media. This fast-paced, varied role will see you helping to make sure 10:10 gets the widest possible coverage in the press, radio, TV and online.
Yes, well we know what sort of coverage they have been getting, so anything would be better than that.

Anyhow, anybody wealthy enough to beggar themselves in the cause of blowing up children is encouraged to apply here, by Friday 15th October 2010
contact Please send your CV to, putting the name of the internship you are applying for in the title field. (Failure to do this may mean your application is not considered.) Be sure to include a cover letter clearly explaining why you’d like to intern for 10:10 and why you would like the particular internship you have applied for.
Go on, you know you want to

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