Thursday, October 14, 2010

Roll of honour

These are the 42 MPs who voted to reduce the EU budget last night by supporting Douglas carswell's amendment. To do so they went against the advice of their front benches and thus should be congratulated for showing at least a little bit of backbone.

Baker, Steve Con Wycombe
Baron, Mr John Con Basildon and Billericay
Bebb, Guto Con Aberconwy
Bingham, Andrew Con Hign Peak
Binley, Mr Brian High Peak
Blackman, Bob Con Harrow East
Carswell, Mr Douglas Con Clacton
Chope, Mr Christopher Con Christchurch
Clappison, Mr James Con Hertsmere
Cox, Mr Geoffrey Con Torridge and West Devon
Cryer, John Lab Leyton and Wanstead
Davidson, Mr Ian Lab Glasgow South West
Davis, rh Mr David Con Monmouth
de Bois, Nick Con Enfield
Dinenage, Caroline Con Gosport
Dodds, rh Mr Nigel DUP Belfast North
Donaldson, rh Mr Jeffrey M. DUP Lagan valley
Eustice, George Con Camborne and Redruth
Goldsmith, Zac Con Richmond
Halfon, Robert Con Harlow
Heaton-Harris, Chris Con Daventry
Henderson, Gordon Con Sittingbourbe and Sheppy
Hopkins, Kelvin Lab Luton North
Latham, Pauline Con Mid Derbyshire
Lewis, Dr Julian Con New Forest East
Main, Mrs Anne Con St Albans
McCartney, Jason Con Colne valley
McCartney, Karl Con Lincoln
Mosley, Stephen Con City of Chester
Nuttall, Mr David Con Bury North
Percy, Andrew Con Brigg and Goole
Reckless, Mark Con Rochester and Strood
Redwood, rh Mr John Con Wokingham
Reevell, Simon Con Dewsbury
Skinner, Mr Dennis Lab Bolsover
Stephenson, Andrew Con Pendle
Stewart, Bob Con Beckenham
Stuart, Ms Gisela Lab Birmingham Edgebaston
Stuart, Mr Graham Con Beverly and Holderness
Turner, Mr Andrew Con Isle of Wight
Vickers, Martin Con Cleethorpes
Walker, Mr Charles Con Broxborne
Mr Peter Bone Con Wellingborough
Mr Philip Hollobone Con Kettering

That is 5 Labour, 2 DUP and 35 Tories supporting the following
Amendment proposed: (b), leave out from 'the financial year 2011' to end and add
'is concerned at the above-inflation increase being made to Britain's EU budget
contribution; believes that, at a time when the Government is poised to make reductions in public spending elsewhere, it is wrong to increase that contribution; and calls on the Government to reduce Britain's EU budget contribution'. -(Mr. Carswell.)
Amusingly the Minister suggested that to support this amendment would be illegal,
The problem with the amendment is that if we withdrew our money from the EU, under its terms that would be illegal. We cannot support an amendment that would make our action illegal, so we will have to reject it,
This was questioned,
Mr Philip Hollobone (Kettering) (Con): On a point of order, Mr Speaker. My hon. Friend the Minister said that the amendment in the name of my hon. Friend the Member for Clacton (Mr Carswell) would commit the Government to an illegal act. Am I right in saying that any amendment accepted by the House for debate is in order and that it would be quite improper for any amendment to commit Her Majesty's Government to anything illegal? Were not the Minister's remarks a matter of debate rather than a statement of fact?

Mr Speaker: I am very grateful to the hon. Member for Kettering (Mr Hollobone) for his point of order. Certainly, from my reading of amendment (b), I am not aware of any exhortation to illegality. The hon. Gentleman will understand, and the House will appreciate, that it is not for me to become enmeshed in an argument between hon. Members as to the merits or demerits of a particular amendment. What I can say to the hon. Gentleman, whose concern for propriety is unsurpassed in any part of the House, is quite simply that the amendment is not improper. If it were improper, I would not have selected it; it is perfectly proper. On the subject of propriety, therefore, he and others need have no cause whatever for concern. I hope that is helpful to the House.
So the Minister's attempt to stop support for the amendment was dishonest and scaremongering, as even Mr Bercow pointed out.

The breakdown of the members is also interesting as it shows that there are some signs of rebellion amongst the new intake. Those elected for the fisrt time this year are
Baker, Bebb, Bingham, Blackman, du Bois, Dineage, Eustice, Goldsmith, Halfon, Heaton-Harris, Henderson, Latham, McCartney, McCartney, Mosely, Nuttall, Percy, Reckless, Revell, Stephenson, Stewart, Vickers,
22 out of the 35 Tory rebels were elected for the first time this year. And there are others who will feel that they have let down themselves and their constituents but have been put under severe pressure from the whips. A certain member for Bournemouth must fall under this, as to see him in the No lobby on this vote has to be a surprise, particularly on the Baroness's birthday.


Dick Puddlecote said...

22 of those (12 new intake) also voted for yesterday's Health Act amendment. A very encouraging band of true liberal thinkers there. :)

Gawain Towler said...

Indeed Mr Puddlecote indeed.

I rather like the cut of the Nuttall chap's gib, maybe a blog mascot replacemnt?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that these Tories need to be congratulated?

Are we going to send less money to the EU? Did the LibLabCon effectively vote for a spending increase?

Are they calling the debate a "festival of Euroscepticism" at Conservative Home, and therefore claiming some kind of victory for the Tory Party?

Don't you think that the Tories realise that they risk nothing if they let a few of their number stand up against the collective will of the party when they know that the (what amounts to a staged) rebellion is going to fail?

Don't we think that they do it in order to make the gullible adopt the Tory Doublethink?

Haven't we realised that Parliament has already been neutralised, and is a prop for propoganda?

Haven't we realised that normal politics has ceased, and if real eurosceptic Tories are to be congratulated, they need to realise that they are in the wrong party, and to resist their inclination to be on the gravy train, and quit what is effectively a pro-EU party?

Do we not realise yet that we don't reinforce incorrect behaviour with praise?

Gawain Towler said...

Anon, I do take your point, but I disagree,

Most ofthis lot are new, and their cards will have been marked. We must encourgae them in theoir trouble making.

You are of course absolutely right that the Government is rolling over on this, you are right that whatever happens we will see our EU budget contribution increase.

But with a small majority to defend, rebellions like this may become self sustaining.

In the case of these 42 is what they have done incorrect behaviour, or are we to take a morally purist attitude? I lean to the support encourage bad behaviour, rather than demand moral purity - they are politicians after all.

It was an act like this that created the whipless wonders. If they can get away with it this time, especially the new boys and girls, then they may become more courageous, and realising that to support the wishes of theior constuituents may well be locally popular it will strengthen their hands.

Pat Nurse said...

My skepticism about Karl McCartney is over. He's proved himself worthy twice in two days - woo-hoo.

Shame UKIP didn't win the seat but Karl is immeasurably better than St Gillian of Merron and I am beginning to feel the jackboot lift slightly.

I need a gallery of heroes putting on my blog - can you do that for me please Dick :)

Anonymous said...

Mr Towler

Moral purity? In government? Well blow me! I forgot that I was a slave and should shut up and let them abuse their power. But seriously, I generally expect everyone to have principles and to act on them. Perhaps because you and many others do not is why your country is a complete toilet bowl. If Conservative MPs claim to be eurosceptic then they have no place in a clearly pro-EU party. While they remain, they are tools for the leadership to decieve the electorate - which needs a pretty big shock to the system. Here's an idea; if we are sure that they can represent the wishes of their constituents, why don't uneasy Tory MPs risk their seat on the gravy train, and force the issue by quitting and seeking re-election as anti-EU candidates? Well, that was rhetorical, was it not?

Besides which, there is no minority government in post-normal politics. It's always going to be the LibLabCon vs various (unawares or not) stooges. The LibLabCon will only implement the Progressive internationalist agenda. Parliament is pointless except for fooling the gullible into thinking that there is a seat of national government. There is no time for machinations in a pretend parliament. We need action NOW to leave the EU. The damage is being done NOW. We are invaded, and imminently the only option will be unconditional surrender.

I am sure you have seen this
"So, exactly, how is this good news from a eurosceptic point of view?"