Thursday, October 14, 2010

Congratulations, but 'Down with this sort of thing'

The citizen that disports himself as Nosemonkey has, in my opinion, rightly won the European Union Sycophancy Prize.

JCM is unfailingly civil, despite numerous attempts to drive him over any given edge and give the critical pro-Europeans a decent honourable and intelligible voice that is rarely heard. (There are others of course, but hey, Nose has just won the prize so I shall concentrate on him).

That he has won the prize is right. However I still hold that the prize itself is utterly wrong. It is not the business of the European Parliament to be doling out money for this sort of thing. And though I accept that in JCM's case there is no question that his writings are in any way swung by a vague idea that he might score a reasonable bar tab, I do think that this sort of thinghas a propensity to corrupt.

It is just not feasible that a proper investigation into the failings of the system would be in the running for the prize. That is just not how the organisation works .

And here is the winner/culprit explaining away his lucre on the Parliament's website, and dammit there he is being reasonable again.

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