Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ozymandius Pöttering: Something good in the EU Budget!

After decades in the European Parliament, former President, Hans-Gert Pöttering left that distinguished office having created his own little legacy. The idea was to create a House of European History, and with his name carved in gold around it get the taxpayer to fund this ego museum. At the time we mocked, and complained.

But now it seems Hans-Gert's powers are past him as he sidles of into semi-retirement, back bench MEP and Chairman of the Konrad Adenaeur Foundation. What of his project, his legacy? What of the House ofhistory now its instigator is history himself?

Well in an astonishing act, the Budget Committee of the Parlaiment cut 2.5 million Euros in funding from the project. I kid you not. Look at amendment 866 here,
Add following text:

EUR 2,5 Mio relating to studies for the House of European History are put in reserve until a clear overview of the costs envisaged for the project as a whole has been presented and a state of play has been given as regards other outstanding questions.

The information requested since last year is still not available. It is not justified to continue further spending on this project without this information and analysis thereof. Appropriations relating to further studies in 2011 are thus put in reserve.
Look upon your works and despair, mein herr.

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