Thursday, October 21, 2010

If I was a barbary ape I would be worried

Sometime´s you read something, and the language is of such opacity that you can see the words, but the meaning of them is just out of sight. Try this little bit from the FCO,
The participants in the Forum of Dialogue on Gibraltar (Gibraltar, the United Kingdom and Spain)  have reaffirmed our commitment to the maintenance of a constructive atmosphere of mutual trust and co-operation for the objectives of the Forum, and we have restated our support for the idea that such co-operation and mutual trust should become the norm in all possible areas. In this respect we reiterate our commitment to the Forum as well as the need to continue with the envisaged calendar to conclude the widest agreements that are possible in the six main areas of co-operation for the next Ministerial Meeting.
Now from my reading of that I wold guess that, there is currently no
A) "Contructive atmosphere" or
B) "mutual trust"
Indeed the claim that these wild hopes should be maintained is rather kyboshed by the idea that these shibboleths should "become the norm".

What we have here is another attempt by HMG to deal with that niggling problem, that is the recalcitrant way in which the inhabitants of the Rock just don't want to be labelled 'history' and handed over to the sombero-wearing Dons. Those Gib types are so deeply embarrasing.

But hey, who cares as there won't be a Navy to protect them it is only a matter of time.

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