Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nobody is interested in Europe. Really?

Well that is what we are always told by so called 'bien pensant' opinion, when trying to rubbish the basic UKIP/Eurorealist arguements. Look at the index of matters concerning the British public, nobody cares.

Is that so? I just don't think so.

Look at today's front pages.

The Telegraph leads with
David Cameron softens on EU budget
David Cameron is preparing to retreat on pledges to cut the European Union budget and accept a deal that would increase British taxpayers’ contribution by at least £435 million.
It follows with
Firms seek veto on EU maternity laws
British business leaders will tell David Cameron today that he must block “burdensome” new European Union rules on maternity leave which, they say, could increase unemployment.
And the rest of the front page is talking about immigration, long a problem largely due to mass migration from within the EU.

The Times leads with
New budget storm erupts over Brussels profligacy
Behind the firewall are stories in a two page spread behind the paywall,
Austerity is a dirt word for Eurocrats who are intent on cleaning up as usual
The Mail has this
Cameron can't halt rise in Euro budget: PM admits jump of at least £430m is out of his hands (And he's not even going to try to stop a new EU treaty or give us a referendum on it)
Its editorial is split two ways, one directly on Europe,
Outrageous increase
Last week, the Prime Minister told the Mail that the EU’s plan to increase its budget by six per cent this year — at a cost to Britain of nearly £900 million — was ‘outrageous’...
But in advance of today’s European summit, it appears that the Coalition might be prepared to agree to an increase of three per cent or even more. This is still, to use Mr Cameron’s word, ‘outrageous’.
The other doesn't reference Europe itself, but can be answered simply by the phrase "Leave the EU",
Why can’t the Tories help small businessmen?
Maternity leave, paternity leave, health and safety, PAYE, sex discrimination, ageism, flexible working, parental leave, tougher employment tribunals, a new Equalities Act.
It’s amazing that Britain has any entrepreneurs left at all, given the mountain of red tape that businessmen must cope with — and that’s before they can get on with creating jobs.
And it goes on. So please, don't tell me nobody cares about our membership of the EU. They do.

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